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Electrolysis as a method of permanent hair removal has been around for over 100 years. In 1875 Dr. Charles Michel had the idea of inserting a small filament into a hair follicle and applying a low-intensity currency thus eliminating a patient’s ingrown eyelashes.

Today, only the insertion of a filament into a hair follicle with the application of a low current will definitely destroy the germinative cells responsible for hair growth.


The APILUS technology treatment is more efficient and more comfortable, and it gives quicker results than any other type of epilation technique.

Be wary of products offering miracle cures. Only the insertion of a probe into the follicle will destroy the germinative cells that are responsible for hair growth. Avoid ‘home use’ devices that are unsafe and inefficient.

With its new powerful computer-controlled circuits, APILUS offers the professional electrologist precision and perfect control thereby providing better results with minimum discomfort. Equipped with a unique ‘tolerance test’ system, APILUS allows the electrolysis to set the machine’s current according to the client’s sensitivity.

Electrolysis Fee Schedule

15 minutes minimum.................$22.00

(Every additional minute: $1.25 + HST)

electrolysis: permanent removal with APILUS

HST not included.

Prices subject to change at any time.

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** 24-hour cancellation notice required to avoid payment charge.