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Rejuvenate your hands with detailed nail and cuticle care. A massage and a polish complete the treatment and leave your hands looking younger and refreshed.


This classic treatment gives your nails a simple and natural appearance. Nails appear clean and elegant. White paint is applied to the tips of the nails; the rest are given either a pink coat or painted with a sheer polish of pale pink or beige. The French manicure is ideal for short or medium length nails.


This 75-minute, in-depth European approach to foot care, goes beyond mere aesthetics and involves a pseudo-medical approach to keeping your feet happy and healthy. Initially, this treatment involves complete nail and callous care. Medicinal plant therapy products provide hydration and exfoliation. A foot massage with polish completes this fabulous pedicure, which promises to renew your feet.

GEL MANICURE SOAK (off polish): $40.00

Imagine, a polish that lasts three to four weeks!

Cured with the LED lamp: Newest Technology—faster curing time then UV system)Self-Leveling formulas—this procedure bonds to the natural nail while maintaining the ultimate flexibility. And, it is easy to apply and simple to remove. Gel manicures won't chip, peel, or fade.

* Can be added to any pedicure for an additional fee. ($20.00)

hand and foot care: manicure and pedicure

HST not included.

Prices subject to change at any time.

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